The moments of life that we cherish the most, are often also those that go by the quickest. Your wedding day, your engagement, your kids as kids- it goes by fast, and it deserves to be documented. Documented by a photographer who leaves every session with a rush, who listens to your first dance songs on the way to weddings, and who picked up her first camera before she could tie her own shoes. You also deserve a photographer that appreciates not just who you are today, but also your story. That is worth investing in. 

The goal at Paige Pelkington Photography, LLC is to go above and beyond expectations in photographing you, making the most awkward feel comfortable and to give your great grandchildren photos OF YOU to hold in their hands. After 10 years in the biz, I am convinced that I have the most wonderful job. I'm always ecstatic to be a part of the big and little moments. I cannot wait to be a part of yours! 

"Where do I begin? From the minute I reached out to Paige to see if my wedding date was available, I was treated with kindness, excitement to be apart of my day, and thankfulness for reaching out. From engagement pictures to the wedding day itself, I felt like my husband and I were Paige’s number one priority! Paige is thoughtful, organized, and would undoubtedly jump through any hoops for her couples. Our final wedding day pictures were absolutely perfect and completely the style we were hoping for. She caught every beautiful moment and was right beside us on the dance floor the entire night! We will never hire a different photographer!"
- Ali